ssd 256gb A generation of awkward dancing youth, the first generation of dancing machines DDR past

ssd 256gb A generation of awkward dancing youth, the first generation of dancing machines DDR past

ssd 256gb

ssd 256gb A generation of awkward dancing youth, the first generation of dancing machines DDR past

solid state drive SSD OEM ssd 256gb dancing on DDR dance machines ssd 256gb, will save the worldssd 256gb,” But it once ushered in a “new world” where everyone could sweat and sweat in the era of game dance.

“Dance Dance Revolution”, commonly known as the “Dance Revolution”, officially ushered in the 20th anniversary celebration this year, KONAMI in addition to the launch of the new dance machine “DanceRush Stardom” (DRS), but also gradually unveiled the new game on the 20th anniversary suspense website. At the same time, a “dance to save the world” licensed movie has also frightened many players and media.

dancing on a DDR dance machine is not clear whether it will save the world, but it once created a “new world”, where everyone can sweat and sweat in the era of hot dancing games.

“fanatical beat” played with your feet

Redhead music ghost: Maeda Sho 

American arcade hall that purifies the miasma of smoky

ssd 256gb

DDR heat wave swept across China

In 1999, the domestic environment on the arcade and game console attitude is quite disgusting, but the treatment of DDR is a completely different scene, in addition to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places quickly set off a DDR dance boom, in the mainland for some reasons has achieved great success, first CCTV reported on Japanese dancing machines, so that the Chinese people saw this set of technology and fitness as one of the entertainment products, and then the popularity of the dance carpet so that such games into the living room of Chinese families.

2000, Konami Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established, therefore, there is a possibility of the formal introduction of DDR 2nd Mix in China. But in those days, the streets were filled with a magical combination machine: the PS console applied the DDR arcade outer frame, and then placed in the arcade hall for everyone to play, this combination machine cost much lower than the original DDR arcade.

although dancing carpets and PS modifications have been all the rage in China, this situation has not lasted long. In the summer of 2000, “Guangming Daily” published an article entitled “Computer Games: “Electronic Heroin” Aimed at Children”, and then set off a rectification action against arcades and related “Internet cafes” throughout the country, almost most of the arcade halls quickly disappeared, a small number of arcades because slot machines and other machines are very profitable and risked to turn to low, but this obviously does not include DDR for the fun of dancing, this major rectification completely ruined the vision of Japanese arcade manufacturers for the Chinese market. It was not until after 2006 that the recovery was slowly achieved.

Nowadays, the high-end “video game city” has become one of the common configurations of large leisure squares in China, the younger generation haunts here, or play with the doll machine, play racing, or play the latest launch of the somatosensory, but also often see the elderly people playing “Street Fighter”, “Dinosaur Kombat” and so on on the row of arcade machines in the corner, and in the most conspicuous position of the storefront, there will be 1 to 2 magnificent dance machines, when the prepared dancers start to perform Visitors to the “Video Game City” will surround the place, and the bustle is as if an improvised live show is emerging.

this scene is as vivid as it was 20 years ago.

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