SATA thinkpad FAQ 2100: Detection error on HDD0 Workaround

SATA thinkpad FAQ 2100: Detection error on HDD0 Workaround


SATA thinkpad FAQ 2100: Detection error on HDD0 Workaround

hard disk wholesale SSD OEM SATA has been tormented by this problem for a long time… After exploring the solution by yourself, I will write down the method by hand….

symptoms are like this: the other day to play the game I was very happy to play SATA+ 8618750919058, windows suddenly reported an error and entered a blue screen (there is a problem feedback interface and can not perform other operations) SATA+8618750919058, so it had to force the shutdown to start, and the boot after booting black screen and display error 2100: detection error on hdd0(Main HDD).Press Esc to continue.

figure I will not put, you who have encountered this problem should know what it looks like

press the Esc key according to the prompts, the lenovo diagnostic interface will appear, and then press Esc to exit and then re-enter the interface, unable to start the system normally.

pen owner himself tried a lot of methods including bios change settings and U disk portable hard disk boot repair, etc. can not solve the problem… Baidu Google fruitless after taking the computer to the Lenovo store repair, knife to spend money to reinstall the system after two days and then there was the same problem (smash the table

< p data-pid = “m6PeVQKj” > groped for a long time and finally solved this problem…


usually appear 2100error is a problem with the computer hard disk drive, and the main hard disk, that is, the first hard disk detected by CMOS, and the lenovo diagnostic interface must be a bios setting change or a hardware problem. Therefore, the problem must not have detected the hardware problem of the main hard disk rather than a software problem, reinstalling the system is of no use to solve the problem, see let you reinstall the system of the shop directly go.

In general, there are two specific reasons for the occurrence of 2100error, one is that the interface connection is a problem, and the other is that the hard disk screws are loose and the hard disk cannot be detected normally. Most of them appear in the first one.

hard disk problems of course to be solved from the hard disk

to the computer I am using now thinkpadE470 as an example, the D surface is probably like this after the back cover is opened, of which the black switch connected to the horizontal bar in the lower left hard disk part is the SATA interface, and the interface can be reconnected after opening.

the second kind of unpaired group bar ヽ

, after which the above problems no longer appear.

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