ram memory DDR Cabling Rules and Routing Procedures

ram memory DDR Cabling Rules and Routing Procedures

RAM DDR Cabling Rules and Routing Procedures 

hard disk wholesale SSD OEM RAM DDR cabling is usually an important part of the design of a hardware product RAM, and precisely because of its importance am a memory,” There are also a lot of people on the Internet discussing the rules of DDR wiring, there are many peers who are mysterious, it is difficult to say that DDR wiring, I want to do the opposite here, talk about the simplest rules and processes of DDR wiring.

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the methods in each step apply to both DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3 if not specifically stated. PCB design software uses Cadence Allegro 16.3 as an example.

the first step, determine the topology structure (only useful in multi-chip DDR chips)

first determine the topology structure of the DDR, in a word, DDR1/2 uses a star structure, and DDR3 uses a daisy chain structure.

topology only affects the routing mode of the address line, not the data line. Below is a schematic diagram.

 At this point, the DDR trace has been completed, in my design of thirty, forty products, are following the above rules and process to complete, DDR2 the highest specification is DDR2-800, 512MB, DDR3 the highest specification is DDR3-1600, 1GB, can be very stable work, regardless of performance or reliability, has not been a problem. hard disk wholesale SSD OEM ram memory