memoria ram ddr4 A good choice to replace OPPO 203 Bluray player! IPUK UHD8581 Player and HDD8580 HDD Holder Trial

memoria ram ddr4 A good choice to replace OPPO 203 Bluray player! IPUK UHD8581 Player and HDD8580 HDD Holder Trial

memoria ram ddr4 A good choice to replace OPPO 203 Bluray player! IPUK UHD8581 Player and HDD8580 HDD Holder Trial

disco duro solidoSSD OEMmemoria ram ddr4

memoria ram DDR4, for a time, many audio and video enthusiasts and home theater dealers faced a common problem – that is, what player can be used now.

OPPO UDP205 Pioneer LX-500 and LX800 were a good choice. But the problem was that Pioneer Foundry moved memoria ram DDR4, which was also out of stock for a while.Pioneer LX800

and Pioneer LX800

is the same as its predecessor. After the jailbreak, the stability and compatibility of hard disk playback are still not comparable to OPPO.

although the sound and picture are obviously better than the original OPPO Blu-ray machine, but there are fewer and fewer OPPO casually, and the Pioneer machine is also crazy in price with OPPO.

When the low-end Pioneer LX-500 rose the most, it was also close to 10,000 in price.

and when OPPO UDP-203 was just launched, everyone bought it at a price of 4000 yuan ~ 5000 yuan.

So, there’s a question that many people want to know! If I buy a player now with a budget of around 5000 yuan, what should I buy?

although there are some pictures in high-definition machines now, the sound quality is significantly worse than these Blu-ray machines before, which is a weakness.

So, some people began to use MTK8581, plus OPPO’s firmware, and began to make high-definition products similar to OPPO Blu-ray players.

Lewen sent me a copy before the Spring Festival, the original version of UHD8581 and the original HDD8580 hard disk holder.

but after I tested it, I sent him some comments because I thought the sound picture was not standard enough.

and now the dual-femtosecond clock version of the UHD8581 and the single-femtosecond clock version of the HDD8580 are being sent back.

I tried it, I thought I could recommend it to everyone, so this article is here.

I will first talk about the price and model, Lewen made this time, the brand uses the IPUK that he has long registered.

then the HD machine is named after the main chip MTK8581, known as UHD8581, and the version is divided into ordinary version and femtosecond version.

the normal version UHD8581 is priced at 4299 yuan, and the femtosecond version UHD8581 PRO is priced at 5499 yuan.

and the hard disk holder is also divided into two versions: ordinary clock and femtosecond clock.

the ordinary clock version model is HDD8800, priced at 3999 yuan. The femtosecond clock version is called HDD8800 PRO and costs 4999 yuan.

The player and hard drive holder I got this time are femtosecond versions. Next, try it out.

outer package

>HDD8800 PRO


Since the UHD8581

PRO is not equipped with an optical drive like Blu-ray machines, it can be made very small.

UHD8581 pro below, HDD8800 pro

back interface

IPUK UHD8581 pro

uses the same dual HDMI output as the OPPO solution, USB is also a dual input configuration, But all analog outputs were removed.

and HDD8800 pro is a built-in wired hard disk base, so he only has one power port, a USB port.

the configuration of UHD8581 pro and HDD8800 pro is very simple and easy to use.

Next, let’s take it apart and take the hard disk holder to open the knife first.

This hard disk holder is the highest cost and the best material of all the fever hard disk holders I have seen so far.

because it was dug up directly from aviation aluminum.

so, to take it apart, the screw is on the bottom.

note that the position of the motherboard installed on the back corresponds to the hollowed-out, and the bottom cover is also very thick

“rhAS2dkE”> which is very important for audio fever equipment. At this point, the HD800 PRO does a good job.

This hard disk box scheme is based on Stelect, and the main control chip is the following one.

This is a very new solution with good compatibility. Like the Pioneer Blu-ray player that picks the hard disk, it is also compatible.

At the same time, it supports 16TB large hard disks.

while the HD8800PRO has added a femtosecond clock to the regular version and has a suspension treatment with a suspended structure.

This treatment is very Hi-Fi and feverish.

p data-pid=”6oymGP_c”> bed with hard disk, good mattress, can protect the disk body

hard disk base parameters

and on the right, is UHD8581 PRO.

in fact, you can think that this is a product based on LeWen’s OPPO UDP-203UE that has been reduced in size and developed twice.

relative to the last version I got, everyone pay attention to this clock circuit version.

These two femtosecond clocks are processed for USB and HDMI respectively, in order to transmit data more accurately and improve sound and picture quality.

Since there is no Blu-ray optical drive, the internal is relatively simple, let’s take a look at the parameters.

let’s take a look at the remote control first.

left is UHD8581 original remote control, you can also add money for OPPO remote control, they are universal. Of course, I prefer the OPPO remote.

Then, when connecting the hard disk enclosure and the player together, pay attention if using the fever 2.0 USB cable separated by telegram.

they are connected
in this way

but if you use the 3.0 USB port of UHD8581 PRO to connect the USB cable signal end of the telecommunications separation, then watching movies will stutter.

so if you use a USB 2.0 fever cable with one square port and two flat ports, you must connect the hard disk holder and the player like the figure below.

 so to create the stability of this machine, it is recommended that you use USB 3.0 cable to connect them. And he himself recommends that customers use the most is this thread of the line world.

line world USB 3.0 line

Next, I began to complain about the UHD8581 PRO power on and off settings, which is definitely not something that normal people can come up with.

which is the shutdown state of both. The UHD8581 PRO does not have a power on button, only remote power on.

after booting, a red light in the small round window will light up

 at this time, the machine starts.

this feeling can only be described by two words. I’ve never seen a machine with no display on standby and a red light on startup.

Is it difficult to make a switch on the front panel, standby red light, and boot green light?

Sometimes, a good product use makes people upset, and it is this small detail that makes trouble.

Fortunately, the power setting of the hard disk base is much normal. So here’s the problem!

why the hard disk holder can be a switch, the lights around the power on switch, and the power off and off. It is clear that this is not difficult for IPUK.

this can only be an explanation, too casual when making products. So how easy is this machine easy to use?

the answer is, after booting up, you know! It’s no hard time getting started….

because the UI of this machine is the OPPO UI with the background changed.

this UI is much easier to use than Pioneer and many HD machines.

supported by OPPO, it supports, such as DSD music, plays well.

 like ISO, BDMV playback is fine, and at this time, you will not think that you are using a high-definition player at all. Its use experience is an OPPO Blu-ray player.

data-pid=”Fy9dX33T”> However, this HD machine and hard disk holder combined, there is no OPPO UDP-205 occupied a place.

settings menu, of course, exactly like OPPO.

model is of course 8581

and everyone pay attention to the firmware, this is version 65

According to the author, the firmware of this machine is based on version 65, but the sound adjustment adds Pioneer data. That’s interesting.

this menu can see the Dolby Vision settings that firmware after 60 has

audio settings


are nothing to talk about, because it is exactly the same as OPPO, and everyone is too familiar.

Regardless of the large hard disk enclosure,


Hard disks, are more convenient.

Next, I will listen to the recording of playing DSD music, and then I will talk about the sound style of this pair.

playback stereo configuration, which is available in the video. Next, let’s talk about the quality of the duo’s stereo playback.

overall, the sound of this pair is relatively accurate!

has a good sense of line at all frequencies, high frequency is flexible, the thickness of the medium frequency is moderate, the low frequency rhythm sense is better, and the elasticity is also good.

I have mentioned to you before that the original OPPO tuning itself is problematic in extending at both ends of the sound. Whether it is Cambridge’s OPPO or the private motorcycle reform, this problem will be corrected.

and if you compare OPPO 203 and 205 without friction, then I can tell you for sure that this UHD8581 PRO is much stronger in terms of sound clarity, high-frequency extension and low-frequency extension!

the same goes for track selection

“G6Y6ek2z”> in fact, the sound energy of the UHD8581 PRO is between the UE version of OPPO 203 Lesteady and the 205UE version.

while the UHD8581 PRO has better sound ratio and accuracy than the 203UE and 205UE.

which is related to the application of three femtosecond clocks, the chassis used by the player, and the optimization of the circuit.

When the machine is powered on after half an hour, the clock heats up and reaches a stable temperature. You will notice that the sound becomes warmer and more delicate.

actually, this sound style is more like a feeling between OPPO and Pioneer – the sound is more slender and precise than OPPO, but it will be a little warmer and thicker than Pioneer.

considering the price of this machine of 5499 yuan, it is still very value-for-money.

and the performance in the movie is of course consistent with the music. I have the impression that the low frequencies of the Oppo 205UE that Lewen himself modified are a little more ferocious and a little larger than this one, but the sound clarity is not as good as this one. And for dialogue and high frequencies, this UHD8581 PRO sounds better.

Next, I’ll talk about the picture.

Actually, the current four or five thousand HD machine solutions are much better than before in terms of picture. But as far as the products I saw before are concerned, compared with this Blu-ray machine solution, there are still some differences, the difference is in the density and digital taste of the picture.

HD machine can achieve a very clean picture, but the color moisture and thickness are still not comparable to the Blu-ray machine solution.

and this machine picture is better than the OPPO UDP203 without friction in black position, sharpness, and color moisturization.

in fact, the sharpness of the UDP8581 PRO is comparable to that of the OPPO UDP205UE that Lewen has modified itself. But the depth of the black bits, I think, is not as good as the OPPO UDP205UE.

and after half an hour of machine use, femtoseconds enter the state. As mentioned earlier, the sound will be more warm and durable, and at the same time, the digital taste of the picture will be reduced, and the color transition will be more natural.

after all, to put it bluntly, this product is a high-definition machine made by standing on the shoulders of OPPO and Lewen’s own previous experience in transforming OPPO.

and this time I fixed the sound accuracy problem I raised last year, which is indeed more cost-effective.

Next, let’s talk about the fever hard disk holder.

Everyone knows that I use the OPPO UDP-205 Wukong Edition, which uses a dedicated linear power supply to power the Gozen hard drive holder.

With the original OPPO completely unavailable, the price of the OPPO UDP-205 Wukong version has also gone to 40,000 yuan.

and my combination of dedicated linear power supply to Wuzen hard disk base also exceeded 10,000 yuan without USB cable.

so although I also compared this combination with IPUK, it was completely meaningless. Because they have too much price difference, the sound and picture are indeed not comparable.

but I was asked, which of the two hard drive holders is better, Wuzen or HDD8800PRO? Here, I will talk about it again.

First of all, we should note that although these two are about four or five thousand hard disk holders, it is not quite correct to compare them together.

Wuzen hard disk base because the HDD8800PRO’s built-in linear power supply can be directly connected to the mains plug. The Wuzen hard disk base is a DC interface and requires external power supply.

when the total price exceeds 10,000 yuan under my combination

 in the case of the same use of OPPO UDP-205 Wukong, the density, sound field, fineness, naturalness of the sound is stronger than HDD8800PRO; The color, sharpness, oiliness, and noise control ability of the picture are much better than the HDD8800PRO. especially the energy of the mid-range and low-frequency, which is completely different by several levels.

but I have also tried to use a lot of label wire electricity that costs one or two thousand, or some DIY line electricity that costs one or two thousand, or some DIY line power with Wuzen hard disk base.

not to mention whether the sound quality is good or not, the positioning of the sound is completely inaccurate. Either the positioning is vague or the orientation is wrong.

Therefore, for a hard disk base, the quality of the wire power that supplies it is very important, because that is the foundation of sound and video.


For the Wuzen hard drive holder that is already priced at more than 4000, you match one or two thousand wires, to exceed the level of HDD8800PRO, I think it is unlikely.

but at the same time, the HDD8800PRO with integrated line power cannot improve his audio and video performance by using better line power.

So, which is the HDD8800PRO or Wuzen hard drive holder? Or which performs better has more to do with how much money you’re willing to spend on them.

Overall, this combination is really good news for audiophiles, especially those who want to buy an OPPO Blu-ray player and can find where to download movies.

and is available with and without femtosecond clocks, giving users flexible options.

but I would also like to remind you that not all of them are suitable for this player or OPPO Pioneer.

For those who don’t know where to place the original movie, buy a high-definition machine with its own library of Weidong, which is a more suitable choice for movie lovers.

and the IPUK UHD8581 player and HDD8580 hard drive holder are suitable for enthusiasts who love tossing. disco duro solidoSSD OEMmemoria ram ddr4