Memoria RAM DDR3 SSD Story Club (28): Mainstream Capacity SSD Prices Have Bottomed Out? Where the Future of Storage Goes 

Memoria RAM DDR3 SSD Story Club (28): Mainstream Capacity SSD Prices Have Bottomed Out? Where the Future of Storage Goes 

Memoria RAM DDR3 SSD Story Club (28): Mainstream Capacity SSD Prices Have Bottomed Out? Where the Future of Storage Goes 

DDR 4 8GB SSD OEMmemoria ram ddr3[PConline Talk] Compared with the unsavory memory price memorial ram ddr3+8618750919058, today’s SSD price can be said to be quite good. Remember that 3 years ago memorial ram ddr3+8618750919058, a 256G TLC SSD The price is about 450 yuan, not to mention the SSD of the same capacity in 2017 as high as 700 yuan. Nowadays, many 480 to 500GB SSD e-commerce prices are currently less than 400 yuan, and each GB of capacity is less than 8 cents, which can be said to be really “cabbage price”, and more people have the opportunity to experience the extreme pleasure brought by SSDs.

Memoria RAM DDR3
Memoria RAM DDR3

the latest screenshot of the SSD quotes is as follows


can be seen that the price of 480~512GB SSD of many brands has been very fragrant. The lowest has even reached 349 yuan, and e-commerce in other channels may even be lower.

●Technological innovation

Whether it is the wave of SSD price increases that began in the second half of 2016, or the continuous decline in SSD prices today, it is inseparable from the innovation of flash memory technology. The development of 3D NAND technology has made the flash memory storage density higher, reduced the cost of flash memory, improved the production efficiency of flash memory, and made chip manufacturers’ enthusiasm for 3D NAND production gradually increase. However, the transition from the 2D NAND process to the 3D NAND process is very cumbersome, and the capacity release still needs a process, which makes flash memory output insufficient, flash memory is in short supply, so the cost of the final increase by two years ago is borne by consumers.


With the expansion of the production scale of 3D NAND, the significant increase in 3D NAND production capacity and the improvement of the fourth generation of 64-layer and fifth-generation 72-layer 3D NAND technology have led to an oversupply of NAND Flash, the inventory of manufacturer’s needs to be digested, and brand manufacturers are also competing for market share and constant bargaining, so that the price of the entire SSD market will continue to decline.

● Another market demand is sluggish

market research firm Strategy Analytics mobile market data report 


On the other hand, due to the overall sluggish demand for smartphones, tablets, server markets, etc., we all know that the flash memory chips used in the ROM in mobile phones are consistent with the production sources of flash memory chips in SSDs, but according to statistics, China’s smartphone shipments in 2018 were less than the same period in 2017, and the shipments of mobile phones in 2017 were 459 million units, compared with only 408 million units in 2018. Coupled with the influence of other markets, the NAND Flash market has shifted from short supply to oversupply.

Memoria RAM DDR3
Memoria RAM DDR3 ssd

As early as the SSD appeared in the market not long ago, some people said that the future SSD will replace HDD as a mainstream storage device, but due to the problem of capacity and price, SSD has been a plaything for DIY players for a long time. However, with the continuous decline in the price of large-capacity SSDs, the penetration rate of SSDs in the notebook market is also steadily increasing, last year, the notebook market SSD loading rate exceeded 50%, and the end of this year is expected to reach 60 to 65%, and the demand for HDDs will decrease.


According to TrendFocus statistics, in the first quarter of this year, shipments of mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) fell by 13% to only 77 million units. Desktop hard drives shipped only 24.5 million units in the quarter, close to the waist (40 million in Q4 2018); Notebook hard drives slid by 6 million units, with 37 million shipped in the quarter. Not to mention that the next generation of PS hosts may be equipped with SSDs, but in the past two years, Western Digital and Seagate two HDD manufacturers have also accelerated the layout of the SSD market, especially this year, there are many new products on sale.

a topic that can never be avoided in domestic SSDs, although we have been looking forward to the rise of domestic SSDs, which can make SSD prices more stable and affordable. But, although there are indeed many domestic SSD brands on the market at present, the real sense of domestic SSD is very few, even with the recent release of two consumer-grade SSDs, its domestic degree is not very high, at least the main control is not domestic.


However, at present, the real obstacle to the development of domestic SSD is the development of 3D NAND technology, although there is recent news that the Yangtze River Storage under the Tsinghua Tsinghua group plans to invest in the mass production of 64 layers of 3D flash memory before the end of this year the news in this regard has been very unclear. Moreover, even if Unigroup can mass-produce 64-layer 3D flash memory by the end of the year, Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron have planned to start mass production of 96-layer stack 3D NAND flash memory this year, and the technology gap is enough for them to grasp the price advantage. So, don’t expect too much.

as we all know, the rise and fall of commodities are always inseparable from the supply and demand relationship of the market. There are many reasons why the price of SSDs has fallen so much, such as weak demand for terminal products such as servers and smartphones, innovation and mass production of 3D NAND technology, the release of production capacity, etc., and these have indeed allowed SSD prices to continue to fall.


However, as far as the current trend is concerned, the downward trend of small-capacity TLC SSDs has slowed down, and the downside space is limited, but there is still some room for large-capacity TLC SSDs (with the release of 96-layer 3D NAND capacity). However, with the arrival of the traditional sales season (the third quarter), the decline will converge under the support of Apple’s new machine stock demand and most NAND Flash original factories slow down the expansion plan and announce production cuts to curb supply. In the future, the only way to further decline is to wait for the mass production of 128-layer TLC chips to squeeze the price moisture of large-capacity SSDs.

as for QLC SSD and MLC SSD, I believe that old drivers understand the former price advantage in general, take a look at it for the time being; Don’t expect the price reduction of the latter, it is good not to increase the price.

in general, the current TLC SSD price is already very good, you can buy it boldly, buy it early and enjoy it early. If the user who has recent installation needs can choose to be on the 480G/ 500G / 512G SSD, the price of the SSD of this capacity is currently the most cost-effective, and enough for the average player to play the game, the software is used. If you are worried about SSD security, you should use an HDD to put data, but developing a good habit of backup is the best way.


But if the recent is not particularly urgent, you can wait until 618 before and after buying, I believe that when Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall, Suning, and a large wave of e-commerce activities waiting for you, how much will be cheaper, but the expected value is not too high, but the price reduction of more than 1TB of large-capacity SSDs may be larger. DDR 4 8gbSSD OEMmemoria ram ddr3