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M2 chip hardware specifications and performance

I have to admire Cook's knife skills, and the performance level is tight. Compared with the M1 chip, the performance of the M2 has improved significantly. The M2 is built with a more advanced second-generation 5nm process technology and is equipped with more than 20 billion transistors, which is 25% more than the M1 (M1 is 16 billion transistors); 16 cores The neural network engine can perform up to 15.8 trillion operations per second (M1 is 11 trillion operations), and various machine learning tasks are fully accelerated; high-performance unified memory up to 24GB (M1 is 16G), central processing unit and graphics processor It can share a larger memory pool; there is also a memory bandwidth of up to 100GB/s, which is a full 50% increase over M1. From multitasking to running multiple apps at the same time, there is a big improvement. But it is much weaker than the M1 Pro.

The M1 Pro has a memory bandwidth of up to 200GB/s and supports up to 32GB of unified memory. Equipped with more than 37.7 billion transistors.

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I have always had a large demand for mobile hard drives. I usually carry most of the photo materials with me. My mobile hard drive is still a USB-A cable. , so the steps can not be said to be particularly cumbersome, but it is still a bit troublesome, so I have been looking for a mobile hard disk directly connected to the iPad. Finally, I came across the HP SSD P500 mobile solid state hard disk...

The packaging can only be said to be relatively simple, but Some important signs have not been omitted completely, such as: 500GB capacity, some important highlights of the device, and the anti-counterfeiting sign on the right. In the package: one data cable, one adapter, a small stack of manuals, and the data cable + adapter can reduce the size of the accessories as much as possible. The specific compatibility will be analyzed later.

Appearance My whole body is covered with a layer of silver gray, and there are 3 colors of black, red and blue to choose from. First of all, the overall first impression is that it has a matte metal texture, 79.10 × 53.90 × 10mm, about the size of a business card, anodized aluminum shell material, metal sandblasting + CNC process, and metal enhances heat dissipation efficiency. Including the data cable and the transfer interface storage box, the total weight is 59.9g. This weight is lighter than my Rapoo expansion dock, which is really lightweight. The front is the HP Logo. The hard drive model number is indicated on the back. The edges on both sides of the HP P500 are rounded and narrowed, and the R angle at the sharpest point is also very rounded. On the other side, the edges on both sides are cut at right angles, which are round and tough. The shell seams are also tightly stitched, and the workmanship is still relatively delicate. Thickness comparison of LACIE 2TB and Western Digital 1TB mobile hard drives and HP SSD P500. Overall, the appearance will definitely not embarrass the user haha. Add another one to compare with the area of LACIE 2TB.

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