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Enhanced data retention Rewriting data that is about to fail is an effective way to extend the data retention of SSDs. For example, the PBlaze series enterprise SSD of the domestic enterprise SSD brand Memblaze will scan the data stored in NAND through the background when it is powered on. When the data error rate is found to be close to the ability of LDPC hard decoding, this part of the data will be moved. , write it to a new address and release the original storage space to extend the data retention time after the SSD is powered off. At the same time, for SSDs using MLC, TLC and even QLC, important metadata such as Firmware firmware images, FTL mapping tables, and AES keys are stored in the pSLC mode NAND area with higher reliability, and cross-die and cross-channel backup is performed. , and it is also an effective way to radically improve the storage time of metadata and reduce errors in these important data. Dividing the 3D NAND into the SLC mode area Firmware firmware image is the key to determine whether the SSD can start and run stably. PBlaze series enterprise-class SSDs provide multiple slots for storing firmware, which can realize the coexistence and redundant backup of multiple versions of firmware images. When the new version of the firmware image fails to load, its copy will be automatically read and the faulty image will be repaired. In addition, when the SSD is used for a certain period of time, or when high temperature is triggered, which may cause data damage, the SSD will automatically rewrite the firmware image to ensure the accuracy of the image and effectively prolong its storage time. The above operations seem simple, but it is not easy to achieve excellence. It is necessary to reduce write amplification as much as possible while effectively enhancing data retention, to ensure the write life of SSD, and not to affect user operations and SSD delay and QoS. cause an impact. It requires SSD manufacturers to strike a balance among IO priority processing, wear leveling, and a series of data protection and data error correction measures. For users, whether it is enterprise-level or consumer-level, it is the kingly way to properly store the temporarily unused SSD and back up important data.


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