disco duro ssd Three types of hard disks (SSDs; HHD; HDD)

disco duro ssd Three types of hard disks (SSDs; HHD; HDD)

disco duro ssd Three types of hard disks (SSDs; HHD; HDD)

hard disk wholesale SSD OEM disco duro ssd hard disk three types ( SSD; HHD; HDD)

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hard disk wholesale

Solid State Drive:

hdD made of solid-state electronic memory chip array disco duro ssd+ 8618750919058, consisting of a control unit and a memory unit (FLASH chip, DRAM chip). SSDs are exactly the same as ordinary hard disks in terms of interface specifications and definitions, functions and usage methodsdisco duro ssd+ 8618750919058, which is also completely consistent with ordinary hard disks in terms of product appearance and size. Widely used in military, vehicle, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminals, electric power, medical, aviation, navigation equipment and other fields.

advantages: fast read and write speed; Shock resistance and fall resistance; Low power consumption; No noise; Large operating temperature range; Lightweight

disadvantages: small capacity; Limited lifespan; High price

hybrid harddrive (HHD): Is a mass storage device that contains both traditional hard disks and flashmemory modules. Flash processes the most frequently written or recovered data in storage. Many companies are starting to offer variants of this technology, expecting it to be sought after in high-end systems, especially in laptops and personal digital assistants.

hybrid hard drive (HHD) has many advantages compared to traditional hard drives, including:

faster data storage and recovery in applications, such as word processors

system startup time is reduced

power consumption is reduced

heat generation is reduced

hard disk life is extended

The battery life of notebooks and PADs is extended

 the operating noise level is reduced

hybrid hard drive (HHD) include:

the data in the hard disk is longer

the spin changes more frequently on the hard disk

flash module processing failures, data recovery is impossible

the total hardware cost of the system is higher

traditional hard disk drive (HDD, short for Hard Disk Drive):

the English name of the hard drive. The most basic computer memory, our computer often said that the computer hard disk

C disk, D disk for disk partitions are all hard disk drives. At present, the common disk capacity of hard disks is 80G, 128G, 160G, 256G, 320G, 500G, 750G, 1TB, 2TB and so on. Hard disks can be divided into 3.5 inches, 2.5 inches, 1.8 inches, etc. according to the size of the hard disk; According to the number of revolutions, it can be divided into 5400rpm/7200rpm/10000rpm, etc.;SSDs and HDDs

in the past 10 years, the performance of the CPU has increased by more than 150 times, while the traditional hard disk has only increased by less than 1.5 times, this uneven development has greatly affected the overall performance improvement, especially in I/O, and SSD (solid state drive) Compared with the traditional hard disk, it has no head, motor, disk and a series of parts, equipped with NAND Flash chip as a storage medium, In terms of running speed, power consumption, lightness, etc., it is unmatched by traditional hard disks.

the current traditional hard disks still occupy the main share of the hard disk market because of low cost and other factors, but with the continuous reduction of the cost of SSDs, the continuous improvement of technology and better support of the system and other factors, and the current mainstream laptops are also equipped with SATA and mSATA

Interfaces, including the current Ultrabook, can only be achieved with SSDs “lighter, faster, lower power consumption, and the future replacement of traditional hard disks is also the trend of the times.” hard disk wholesaleSSD OEMdisco duro ssd