disco duro Never touch Intel’s civilian SSD again in this life

disco duro Never touch Intel’s civilian SSD again in this life

disco duro Never touch Intel’s civilian SSD again in this life

1tb ssd drive SSD global five-year warranty disco duro.” Two 480GB intel 540s SDs.

these two SSDs were plugged directly into the Skull Canyon I was using at the time to set a RAID… After all, it’s All Intel’s SSDs disco duro, incompatible with their own brand of computers.

but then I disposed of Skull Canyon. Depressingly, the Intel 540 has no availability, whether it is in a 2.5-inch SATA adapter box or a SINGLE-box RAID in a USB adapter box, or only one SSD in a single box in the above two ways. Often it is possible to read out the disk occasionally, but continue to write a certain drop.

and then I thought it was a box problem, just when I used Brix Game UHD group black Apple, I bought a 1TB Intel 600p NVMe… At the end of December 2016, the Christmas holiday was covered with nearly a meter of heavy snow in Calgary to buy a spot at some memory express in stock (whether Canada Express was on strike or there was a snow delay or something, I forgot).

Intel 600p runs macOS too slowly, often encounters the problem of reading and writing stuttering, I simply give Windows a use, put macOS on the 256 GB Samsung 950 Pro. Then, after a power outage, I turned on the phone again, and my macOS was as stable as Tarzan, but the Windows system was broken and I couldn’t get in.

disco duro
disco duro

I began to wonder if there was a problem with the Intel SSD. After putting up with it for a year, I bought a 1TB Samsung 960 Pro. At this time, the price of the Samsung 960 Pro has been reduced, and the price of the same capacity is similar to the price of the Intel 600p that year. Then this Intel 600p and my two 540s to eat ash, this time are hung on the eBay cheap starting price, until a month before I returned to China no one to shoot, I took down the shelves.

in the middle of last year, I returned to China, thinking that Intel 540s might be able to give away, but Intel 600p is too bad, so I bought a JMicron master M.2 NVMe to USB box. I wanted to use this thing to make a backup disk for Time Machine, but I often backed up this disk and dropped it… After reseating, many operations are often not implemented, or even the partition format is not changed. The most outrageous thing is that I didn’t recognize it after I dropped the disk once, and I barely recognized it after I opened the box and reseated it, but the usability was still the same worrisome.

I continued to work on it, and this year I wondered if the three Intel SSDs brought to Japan could change some money in Akihabara (Akihabara has many professional second-hand buyers). (This idea has been completely dispelled, because junk SSDs are also harmful to selling.) 

I just came to Japan this month. Today, during the day, I bought an M.2 NVMe to USB-to-USB box at the Akiha pavilion in Akihabara (a specialty store for Mac accessories products). The Japanese box is still full of delicate workmanship (whether it is the shell or the circuit board), but the price is twice as expensive as the box I bought before. I plugged in the SSD and picked it up on the altar of second-hand ashes I had recently received, and I saw that it was a product made by JMicron’s program. Open the Disk Utility partition and fail once… The second partition is successful only in HFS+ format.

then a Time Machine backup, thinking that 1TB of content is enough for it to back up for one night… As a result, I went to the toilet before going to bed and came back to find that the connection was disconnected. Then I put the thing back on the altar, and the computer only recognized the transfer box, but not the disk in the transfer box. I received it on the MacBook Pro, and I only recognized the box, not the disk.

by the way, I bought in the box in China before plugged in my Samsung 960 Pro, directly connected to the columbarium to use, without any pressure: run the full macOS 10.13 – 10.14 system upgrade installation, without any problems.

should we return this new box… It’s hard for me to tell. But right now I can’t believe that there’s something wrong with the box. The three Intel SSDs on hand will be harmful if they are sold, after all, the information is priceless. But it’s a pity to break it.

hate to death, but don’t know who to hate. The person who blew Intel with me was indeed true, but I didn’t expect that the Intel SSD I bought was even worse. I’m sure the man must have not expected it.

P.S.: Three Intel SSDs have been out of 24,000 yen, and the other party said to go back and play.

I used the money in exchange, and added a small amount of money, bought a Witton black film (SN750), stuffed into the box as a TimeMachine backup, also leveraged. While encrypting, while doing a full backup, the thief is stable.

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