disco duro 【Solid State Recommendation】Recent costeffective SSD recommendation

disco duro 【Solid State Recommendation】Recent costeffective SSD recommendation

disco duro

hard disk wholesale SSD OEMdisco Duro sells cute base

 【disco duro】recently domestic Yangtze River storage SSD is coming to disco Duro, as true. Domestic granules disco Duro, Yangtze River storage can be said to have won the bet, according to the current evaluation situation, the performance is not bad, immediately we can see cheap and reliable pure-blood domestic SSD Finish. But there is still a period before the market, and the only products that are known at present are SATA, so what SSDs are more cost-effective if you buy them recently? This issue does not distinguish between foreign garbage and brand new, and the car of Shanghai garbage should be considered by yourself before deciding.(disco duro

 1:SM961 256GB

The first thing to say is that buying this disk is ready to encounter a zero disk. The SM961 is not short on the market, and the inventory of the new 0 electrifications will not be too much. When buying, you can find a reliable seller. Try to find a high reputation, the possibility of running away is unlikely. The reason why this is recommended instead of only 30 yuan sm963 480G is that the 22110 interface is not any motherboard, and SM963 to control the heat, reading, and writing are very general, it is better to buy S3700 400G. As the OEM version of the 960Pro, the performance does not need to ask more, the MLC particles also guarantee that it will not fall, and the system disk is a good choice, the premise is that your M.2 is rich enough, if not much, or look at the following bar.

 2:S3500 120G

say that at the current price of 150 yuan, I do not recommend any new SSD, because the SSD at this price is black and white, the quality can not be guaranteed, pick up garbage to buy second-hand toothpaste factory decommissioned server solid is the best choice. The S3500 is one such product. The capacity of 120G is not large, but it is enough for most people to install some common software on the system, suitable for upgrading the use of office machines and other machines, and the SATA interface does not need to worry about not being connected. The life and stability of the toothpaste factory’s original MLC are also far from being comparable to those “brand new” miscellaneous SSDs at the same price, the only problem is that it has no warranty. But considering the price of 150 yuan, what to do with so much entanglement? If you think that 150 is still too expensive, 80 yuan can buy the 80G version, but it is M.2 port, plus 20 yuan to buy a riser card and shell that can be connected to the SATA interface. 100 yuan is not fragrant.jpg

 3:SN550 1T

If you want to say which is the most cost-effective new SSD now, then the SN550 is the first choice. None of the .jpg can play their master control, their own SanDisk original factory particles. There are already a lot of reviews on performance, so I won’t talk more nonsense. The SLC cache is not large, but the write speed of the whole disk is not less than 800MB/s after it is used up, which is very perverted for a TLC solid state without a DRAM cache. Reading is not excellent in several SSDs, but it is not low, and when everyone is crazy about speeding up data, Western Digital is stunned to have taken a different path, which is worthy of respect. At present, the price of the 1T version is 800 yuan, and there is a 5-year warranty, the quality of the whole factory, it is worth buying.

 4: Guangwei Will > 1.5T

5:intel P4600 1.6T

If you scorn these white film factories in Guangwei, then consider the P4600, according to the Toothpaste Factory ARK, this product is 3DTLC particles, belonging to the P series family, taking the PCIe NVMe 3.1 x4 protocol, with an average failure-free time of 2 million hours. 5 years warranty, read up to 3200MB/s, write 1300MB/s, as a PCI-E protocol SSD such performance has been qualified. The new 1.6T on Taobao is 1199 yuan, the price is appropriate, plus the transfer card can be controlled within 1300, and the toothpaste factory is enterprise quality, and trustworthy. If you mind TLC, add 100 to buy the new P3600 HP Edition, also U.2, read 2600 write 1600, 20nm MLC, 11PB life.

, and this issue is recommended to this end Hope to help everyone, we will see you next time.

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