ddr4 How to safely and quickly migrate a system to a solid state drive(SSD)?

ddr4 How to safely and quickly migrate a system to a solid state drive(SSD)?

ddr4 HowtosafelyandquicklymigrateyoursystemtoanSSD?

disco SSD SSD OEM ddr4 Some friends often ask me if it’s time to upgrade my computerddr4+8618750919058, my usual recommendation is to upgrade the HDD to the SSDSSD. CPU upgrades may make your system feel fasterddr4+ 8618750919058, and the memory will be better, but the upgrade from HDD to SSD is a qualitative change.


just need to use the blade, to upgrade the SSD is of course to upgrade the system disk. “Reinstalling the system is a hassle!” “I’m afraid the hardware driver won’t be found!” “Waiting for the problem is that everyone is worried about upgrading the system disk.” Yes, reinstalling the system is time-consuming and labor-intensive, the ancient drive disk does not know where to lose, it is better to install a new computer in one step? But look at the money bag again, or bear with it!

what if I said I could clone HDDs to SSDs without having to reinstall the system? I believe that many people immediately came to be interested. But don’t be happy, there are some tricky questions to consider: what if the hard disk size is inconsistent? HDDs and SSDs have different media, will cloning be a problem? Today we will introduce you step by step how to migrate from HDD to SSD, first of all, in order to maintain the consistent “technical” urine nature of our column, we will start with the technical discussion.

the first problem that must be faced is the problem of SSD SSD 4K. Our column has many articles about various aspects of SSD, you must already know that SSD is based on NAND flash memory, some basic knowledge about NAND flash memory see this article:

4k alignment is important for NAND flash to avoid unnecessary reads and writes. The old hard disk Vector is 512 bytes, although the later expansion of the 4K selector, but does not guarantee that the 4K user is 4K to it. At the same time, the default Cluster size in NTFS format is also 4KB. This means that if you can’t do 4K on it, the effect of using SSD will become very limited, as shown in the following figure:

4K alignment, we must do 4K alignment to make the partition start. How? The software I recommend below will automatically do this for you.

there are many software that can help you clone partitions or even entire hard disks, such as Ghost, which we used a lot. The free software that everyone uses more now is EasyUS and AOMEI Backupper. Personally recommend AOMEI Backupper because it:

there is also a point that can not be ignored, it also supports Chinese, its Chinese name is called “Aomei Easy Backup”! What a conscience software. Well, let’s migrate a system disk to the SSD step by step.


can be downloaded directly on the official website (do not download from messy places):

need to be reminded that we download the free standard version, do not need the professional version or even the server version.


from the beginning of installation, it began to support Chinese, the interface is simple and direct, no need to worry about someone “kind” to help install another family bucket:


select Experience Now, you can start running:

Select Clone-” Disk Clone, as shown in the following figure:

select the source disk, that is, the system disk we want to clone:

Click Next and select the target disk. That is, our SSD:

note that the two disk capacities in this example are not consistent. The next step is very important,

click to start cloning:

Aomei will first analyze the content of the existing HDD to ensure alignment, and then move over piece by piece. The whole process takes different times and may take an hour, so please be patient.

is finally finished, now open the chassis, change into an SSD, and experience the feeling of flying!

< p data-pid=”pcnNdA_T” > clone, so that the migration from HDD to SSD is no longer time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it takes a few hours. What are you waiting for, do it now!

many students added in the comment area that the AoMei partition assistant also has this function. Indeed, the partition assistant is also very easy to use, a company out of the conscience free software, the standard version is completely enough, the interface is slightly simpler than this, and each has its own unique functions.

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