ddr 16gb ram A few graphs make it easy to understand crosstalk in DDR

ddr 16gb ram A few graphs make it easy to understand crosstalk in DDR

DDR 16GB ram A few graphs make it easy to understand crosstalk in DDR 


disco Duro solid SSD OEMddr 16GB ram lets you evaluate the crosstalk of high-speed serial signalsddr 16GB ram, you would say that their crosstalk is below -40db DDR 16GB RAM, nothing impact. But if you were asked to evaluate the crosstalk of parallel signals like DDR, you would say that the crosstalk of DQ0 and DQ1 is -30db, the crosstalk of DQ1 and DQ2 is -25db,

the crosstalk of DQ2 and DQ3… You count slowly, and I go first.

According to experience, today everyone will come to work with an extremely heavy heart, and Mr. Gao Gao also expressed a deep understanding of Ha, so today’s article is very concise and graphic, to meet everyone’s desire not to use their brains today. Remember that the previous articles mentioned the topic of artificial intelligence, we will continue to say a few technical things Ha. In the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, the DDR module as the core computing power has undoubtedly made a big splash. Because in the pursuit of supercomputing power, people’s capacity and speed requirements for DDR are getting higher and higher. The hash rate cards that our high-speed Mr. contacts are smaller than one, but the DDR modules in the board have more and more tendencies, and they can go up 4 channels, 8 channels, or even more at every turn. And while the number of particles continues to increase, the rate we require is getting higher and higher, basically 2400Mbps to start, the highest has done 3200Mbps. Coupled with the smaller and smaller board density, from the design of various DDRs that we have been exposed to for more than a year, it is no exaggeration to say that the design difficulty of DDR may have exceeded the imagination of many people now

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