8gb ram One article to understand the mobile hard disk 2022 mobile hard disk recommended purchase (Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, Rice hard disk which is good?) )

8gb ram One article to understand the mobile hard disk 2022 mobile hard disk recommended purchase (Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, Rice hard disk which is good?) )

8gb ram

8gb ram One article to understand the mobile hard disk 2022 mobile hard disk recommended purchase (Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, Rice hard disk which is good?)

hard drivesSSD OEM 8gb ram

2022 Add utility hard drive for media professionals (photography and video shooting).

September 2021 Add portable hard disk enclosure

April 2021 Increase the U disk that can be used by mobile phones

 as mobile phone files become larger and larger 8GB RAM, the phone’s storage space is also running out frequently8GB RAM, Many friends are asking the mobile hard disk that the mobile phone can use, generally support the OTG function of Android mobile phones, can be connected through the OTG cable to most of the mobile hard disk use, the hard disk power consumption is large, so if the mobile phone is used, it is recommended to use a hard disk with power supply. Of course, the most convenient way is to choose a multi-interface U disk, Apple and Android can be used, Apple mobile phone needs to install APP, convenient mobile phone file backup and storage.

January 2021 Large-capacity USB flash drive (256G mobile solid-state flash memory) added

Before this article, let’s think about the question: “In today’s increasingly developed and popular network cloud disk service, do we really need a physical mobile hard disk?” As far as I’m concerned, the answer is yes. A problem that the network disk can not avoid is security and privacy, after all, the network disk is not your own, and the mobile hard disk can, and in terms of storage speed, the network disk and the hard disk are not an order of magnitude after all.

first popularize the so-called capacity size: 1T=1024G 1G=1024MB 1MB=1024KB

1.1 People with insufficient hard disk space, now the general notebook or netbook hard disk capacity is simply not enough, so a mobile hard disk is needed to relieve the pressure on the computer.

1.2 All kinds of resource collection and control, such as film and television lovers, like to collect high-definition movies, with an average of 8G per movie, 1TB to support 120 1080p movies. Game enthusiasts, now a single-player game averages more than 10G. Lossless music lovers, a lossless FLAC music file costs 50M, an album starts at 500M….

1.3 specific industry needs, such as myself as a film and television migrant worker, generally take photos in RAW format, a photo more than 20M, less than a few hundred at a time. Not to mention video, if you shoot 4K video, it can be hundreds of gigabytes at every turn.

SSD hard disk, also known as solid-state drive, is a storage device that reads and writes data through electronic signals.

HDD hard disk is what we call mechanical hard disk, which is a mechanical storage device that rotates through platters and reads and writes magnetic heads.

If you look at it according to size, there are three common sizes of mobile hard disks (diagonal length): 3.5 inches, 2.5 inches, less than 2.5 inches

3.5 inches: 147mm

(length) * 102mm (width) * 26mm (thickness)

2.5 inches: 70mm (width) * 100mm (length) * 9.5mm or 7mm (thickness)

> desktop computers generally use 3.5-inch hard disks, 2.5 inches is the most widely used size of mechanical mobile hard disks, If you pursue good looks and portability, you can consider a mobile hard disk smaller than 2.5 inches.

3.1 Choose how much capacity

Generally speaking, mechanical hard disks start at 500G and solid state drives start at 256G. Of course, the capacity size must be based on personal needs, from the perspective of cost performance, mobile hard disk is more recommended 1T and above capacity, here to note that there is a concept of usable capacity ratio, in general, the actual capacity of the hard disk will be a little smaller than the nominal capacity.

3.2 read and write speed

As the name implies, copying files from the computer to the mobile hard disk is called “write”, opening the file in the mobile hard disk is called “read”, and here there are the following concepts:

3.3 What interface to choose

What kind of interface is closely related to read and write speed, and it is also the key to hard disk purchase. This also includes interface types and interface protocols. We know that the data cable is divided into two ends, generally speaking, the interface type of the mobile hard disk plugged into the computer computer is basically type-A and type-C.

plugged into the mobile hard disk is more common MicroUSB and type-C.

Personally, I think that the MicroUSB interface is easier to break, and many MicroUSB interface mobile hard disks in order to make the hard disk smaller, directly integrate the interface into the hard disk, the consequence is that after the interface is damaged, the data is difficult to repair. Therefore, it is recommended that the interface of the mobile hard disk be selected as Type-C.

As for the USB interface protocol, this is a bit complicated, which is all due to the organization that developed this USB standard, called USB-IF. First, let’s talk about the theoretical transmission rate of each interface protocol (which cannot be achieved in practical applications)

After the release of USB3.1 in 2013, USB-IF began to do things, calling UBS3.0 USB3.1 GEN1, UBS3.1 as USB3.1 GEN2, and there is no USB3.0 in the new standard, so it is not ruled out that the USB3.1 interface said by the seller is the original USB3.0

In fact, there is an intuitive way to distinguish, if your USB port is black, basically USB2.0 interface, blue is basically USB3.1 GEN1 interface, if it is red, it is USB3.1 GEN2 interface.

 USB3.2 released in 2017, yes, USB-IF is here again, the original 3.1 naming is all obsolete, UBS3.0 is called USB3.2 GEN1, UBS3.1 is called USB3.2 GEN2, and UBS3.2 is called USB3.2 GEN2*2

3.4 Choose solid or mechanical

Removable hard drives are certainly SSDs are better, but this is due to the difference in construction between the two hard drives. SSDs are not so afraid of falling, mechanical hard disks should do a good job of anti-fall protection, if you care about performance and budget is sufficient, choose SSDs, if the budget is insufficient and need large-capacity storage, then choose mechanical hard disks.

Of course, SSDs also have their defects, that is, before the failure, there is often no warning, HDD is usually accompanied by warning signals before the failure, such as noise, but SSDs do not, I myself encountered the hard disk that was still working normally the day before, and the next day it prompted the failure, so that users did not have time to back up data.

4.1 mechanical hard disk

Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate are very classic brands of mobile hard disks, basically you can use

Toshiba new black A3 series

hard disk is small, matte and affordable

Western Digital My Passport

Thin and light design, USB 3.0 interface, Western Digital is a classic mobile hard disk. This year, all kinds of files are getting bigger and bigger, hard disks are generally 4TB to start, password protection, automatic backup, compatible with Mac

Seagate Raid wing

beautiful shape, Sloped textured surfaces, in exFAT format, Windows and Apple systems, can be plug-and-play.

mobile hard disk


is Seagate’s high-end brand, Prism series mobile hard disk, Type-C interface

LaCie Rugged portable hard disk

 rugged mobile hard drive, delicately designed rubber shock absorption, while supporting Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces, whether Mac powder or PC Powder will get the most satisfactory performance.

4.2SSD Rugged BOSS SSD

LACIE’s Rugged BOSS SSD can be said to be a photographer’s weapon, the hard disk comes with an SD card slot, similar to the function of a large mouth disk, without a computer, you can directly back up files, and with a screen display, the status of the hard disk is clear at a glance. You can also directly back up the files of other portable hard disks, which is very convenient for working outdoors.

When it comes to photographers, here is another photographer’s weapon: the large-mouth plate. Personally, I think it is still very practical, especially when the group goes to shoot videos, the person in charge can summarize the materials, and there is a screen to view, and also support mobile phone viewing. No need to go back to upload the network disk, and no need to bring a computer at any time. When the memory card is not enough, it can also help a lot, and support SD card, CF card, XQD card, CFast card reading copy, card reader are saved. After copying the materials on the spot, it is very convenient to go back and directly integrate them into the computer post.

photography enthusiasts, you can read the following article, find more photography goodies, welcome to view:

>Samsung T5

small and exquisite, the maximum transmission speed is up to 540MB/s

Samsung T7


has more fingerprint recognition function than T5, and the data security has been improved, and you can save a little secret~. In addition, the read speed is up to 1050MB/s

Western Digital My Passport companion SSD version

Exquisite design, online appearance, metal texture, full of business style, Type-C interface, transmission speed up to 1050MB/s, ultra-cost-effective NVMe storage experience. Drop-proof encryption, automatic backups, compatible with both PC and Mac systems.

HikvisionThis portable hard drive has a metal casing, which is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. Type-C interface, support a variety of mobile devices, can be connected with computers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices. USB3.1 interface, backward compatible with 3.0 and 2.0, up to 450MB/s transfer speed.

ORICO mobile hard disk enclosure

friends who like to toss, you can use a combination of mobile hard disk enclosure and hard disk, compatible with common size SSDs, You can also reuse some hard drives that are not used by computers, and it looks very geeky.

fan model

 using USB3.2 interface, with 20Gbps desktop expansion card, the measured speed can reach 2000MB/s, greatly improving transmission efficiency.

5.1 It is not recommended to buy second-hand hard disks, because hard disks have a life, and the life is affected by the number of reads and writes. Second-hand disk: You cannot confirm the number and frequency of previous reads and writes.

5.2 In general, the disk format on Windows is generally NTFS format by default. Your Mac can copy files directly from an NTFS-formatted disk, but copying files directly from your Mac to an NTFS disk is not supported. If you want data to communicate with each other on the MAC and PC, you can generally format the portable hard disk as exFAT

5.3 What should I do if the portable hard disk cannot be recognized?

In fact, the mobile hard disk is broken, and there are few measures that you can do, so in daily use, try to pay attention to the correct operation, avoid multiple hot plugs, regularly sort, and protect your data.

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