4gb ram 【Selling Cute Recommended】Big Ship SSD Worth Buying in the Near Future

4gb ram 【Selling Cute Recommended】Big Ship SSD Worth Buying in the Near Future


4GB RAM [Sale Cute Recommended] Big Ship SSD is worth buying in the near future

Hard disk wholesale SSD OEM 4gb RAM SSD price can be said to usher in an avalanche 4gb RAM, Guangwei and other brands have killed to six cents 1GB 4GB RAM level, such as the promotion of Guangwei 480G can buy up to 300 yuan, which was unimaginable half a year ago. But for these cheap TLC SSDs, they scoff at it, arguing that it’s not worth buying due to a serious drop. However, there is really no way, after all, there is only one particle, the cache is reduced for the sake of cost, and the speed drop is inevitable. But the speed outside the cache is only about 20M, which is very excessive. But MLC is already a tear in history, and the retail market is hard to see. For MLC enthusiasts, big Ship SSDs are a good choice. Today, we’re going to take a look at SSDs that are worth buying for larger vessels. 4GB RAM

1: Intel S3500

This SSD isn’t the first time it’s been recommended. Basically 0 electrical products, MLC, and has enterprise-grade horror stability, tea tea testing. SSDs themselves carry a large amount of MLCC used as power-down protection, which is difficult to see on retail products. The capacity can currently be bought 80GB/120GB/340GB, the price is 128 yuan, 178 yuan, 350 yuan or so, basically 1 yuan 1G level, 340G is the most cost-effective. M.2 specifications, but it should be noted that the 340G version of the heat is serious, it is recommended to bring its own heat sink https://ssd-oem.com/shop/.

2:X300S 512

The X300S has been around for a long time as an MLC product. The main controller is Marvell’s 9187 with 256MB of cache, and the 512GB version consists of four 128GB particles, running a channel full of 9187 without problems. The price is around 480 yuan, although not as affordable as those 6070 1GB SSDs, but the benefits of MLC are obvious, that is, when writing a large amount of data, it will not drop to the level of a USB stick. However, one of the biggest problems caused by MLC and M.2 is that the heat is serious, so the heat sink still has to be bought, especially for users who plan to put it in a notebook, but personally more recommended is to throw the last 2.5-inch shell into the PC.

3:M600 1TB

The 1TB version is more cost-effective than the M600, but it’s a 2.5-inch, 9189+MLC particle with a total of 16 64GB particles, 1GB of cache, and power-down protection. Compared to the 9189, the number of channels has doubled, and the price of 800 yuan is only 100 yuan more expensive than most 1TB SSDs in JD.com, but with the stability and longevity of MLC. It also has a power-off protection function. In terms of performance, the M600 and retail M550 are basically on the same horizontal line, but the stability is enterprise-grade. For those who don’t like TLC, 800 yuan to buy a 1TB MLC SSD is still worth it.

4: Samsung PM981

For notebook users, the PM981 is a very affordable option, while the current 256G and 512G are more cost-effective, but 1TB is not worth it. 256 is about 350 yuan, 512 is about 600 yuan. The SLC cache is large enough to fully satisfy daily usage, and there is also a RAM cache. Another reason to recommend the PM981 is that TLC generates less heat and is more suitable for notebooks with poor heat dissipation. The PM981 is truly a very powerful product in TLC’s nvme SSD. Worth buying.

5: Hynix 1.92T

Taobao has popped up recently, and you can buy SF’s new 2TB MLC SSD for less than 1400. The source of this sacred car is Hynix, HP’s corporate spare parts, 0 electrified. Since it is enterprise-level, power outage protection will certainly not be less. The main controller is the ancestor of Hynix LADD series, SATA should be LAMP87800AA, familiar with this master controller must know that this master controller has amazing stability. Although the performance is not top-notch, but the new 2TB MLC is only a little more expensive than the Guangwei 2TB TLC white film, performance and stability are not a level, what is not recommended? I’m already in the car, buying, buying, buying. Coupled with the S3610 1.6TB that was picked up on the big ship before, there is basically no need to worry about the shortage of SSDs in the future, and the two MLC SSDs are heirlooms.

6: Intel DC S3610 1.6T

This is only recommended for toothpaste factory users with faith to buy. After all, the price of 1800 is so pale and weak compared to the previous Hynix. But the S3610 has an amazing lifespan, it is completely fine to do heirloom, and the enterprise-level workmanship of the toothpaste factory is also very good. Here 1800 purchased the new 0-electrified HP Enterprise spare parts compared to the previous big ships. However, even if the boot is 1W hours, it is nothing, the official standard data average failure-free time is 2 million hours, 10,000 hours can only be capillary. Suitable for users who believe in the quality of toothpaste factory.

Okay, this big ship SSD recommends these, hope to help you.

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