1tb ssd drive popular science: How does the SSD “open the card”?

1tb ssd drive popular science: How does the SSD “open the card”?

1tb ssd drive

1tb ssd drive¬† popular science: How does the SSD “open the card”?

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Nearly each piece of SSD have a deep knowledge of the surprising “drop” trouble and have attempted to remedy the drop trouble.

A few DIY gamers may even try to make a SSD (or SSD USB flash force).

In fashionable, one of the key steps they should do is to open a card.

So, what is the idea of starting a card? How does an SSD open?

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The opening card of the SSD may be understood as the primary controller brushing ROM for the SSD.

Intel 600P M.2 SSD vector photographs, the use of Huirong master manipulate

Yes, an SSD is also equivalent to a laptop gadget, which has impartial CPU, reminiscence, ROM and i/O ports.

The enormous majority of SSD masters use MIPS architecture, and a few masters use ARM architecture.

Samsung 970EVO Plus M.2 SSD, Samsung “Phoenix” collection grasp controller (photograph from ZOL) with ARM architecture

Here take the SSD controlled with the aid of HuiRong as an instance, for everybody to briefly communicate approximately the SSD card opening technique.

I made a schematic diagram so that everybody can apprehend.

First, you want to allow the master understand what the particles are.

The cardboard establishing tool sends a command for the master to read the NAND id of the particle.

After analyzing the NAND id, the card starting device will evaluate the nand identity received with all of the NAND IDs in the database protected within the card commencing tool, and infer the quantity, capacity, wide variety of channels, flash memory kind (SLC/MLC/TLC/QLC) and different records for the consumer to set.

(The particle model speculated via the device isn’t necessarily accurate and sometimes calls for manual confirmation.)

The putting interface of the SMI card beginning device, and the source community

After the person sets the primary facts of the SSD, it’s miles vital to officially perform the very last card beginning operation.

The device will generate a custom firmware for the SSD mainly used for the SSD to be opened primarily based on the basic data of the consumer-set SSD, NAND identification, cache chip (elective) and different facts, and write the firmware to the ROM that comes with the master, and on the equal time carry out the checksum test of the firmware.

If all goes properly, an SSD may be efficiently opened.

Supply from the U disk mass manufacturing community

Why do I speak about the card establishing system of HuiRong’s essential manage?

Due to the fact the SSD using this kind of master control has a huge lifestyles, the market percentage is excessive, and the card beginning device is simple to discover.

For the card beginning method of the main manage which includes group hyperlink/SandForce/LianYun/Jieke Micro, it is largely similar to the card beginning method of HuiRong primary manage.

The institution’s card starting tool has a windows version, and SandForce most effective has a Linux version.

The vital point is that the particle compatibility of HuiRong’s principal control is genuinely sturdy, even black films, scribing chips, or even the u.S.Flash memory chip within the mobile phone can be opened!

I’m able to best say one aspect: Hui Rong!

A black sheet SSD stable nation using Toshiba u.S.A.Flash reminiscence chip (organization grasp, of course, there’s additionally a strong country with Hui Rong grasp manipulate + united states of americaflash memory) tough disk wholesale SSD OEM 1tb ssd force